Edit Science's pricing depends on the complexity, type, length, and deadline of your project, as well as the service you require: proofreading, drafting, editing, or translation. Please let us know if you are eligible for a student discount or a referral discount.


Proofreading or Light Editing includes the rewriting of frequent spelling and grammatical errors.


Major or Deep Editing, in addition to the rewriting of frequent spelling and grammatical errors, includes the rewriting of entire sentences and the restructuring of the document to increase clarity.

For a free estimate, let us know:

Please send your document in plain text or Microsoft Word, along with a PDF including the charts and graphs. Remember, we edit charts and graphs for free.

If your document is in another format (i.e. Word Perfect, LaTex, HTML, RTF, or other), please send us a plain text version and a PDF.