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Dee Worman,

Dee Worman is co-founder of Edit Science, Inc. She received her Ph.D. in Linguistics and Anthropology from Brandeis University in Massachusetts. She has worked as an editor, writer, and teacher at Harvard University for 15 years and published many papers in Linguistics and two books about Scientific Writing and Presentation.  When Dr. Worman was not at Harvard, she was in Japan, as a Visiting Professor, creating courses in Scientific Writing and Scientific Presentation in English at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology for master and doctoral students in the Information, Materials, and Biological sciences. Dee Worman is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Edit Science, Inc., which has operations both in the United States and Japan.  

Teresa Wallace,
Medical Editor-in-Chief

Teresa Wallace, M.D. received her medical degree from New York Medical College. She did her residency training at a University of Washington affiliated residency program in Seattle, Washington. She has been teaching medical education in the same program for the past 18 years and is currently an Associate Professor with the University of Washington Medical School. Before starting medical school, Dr. Wallace lived and studied in Japan for 5 years. Dr. Wallace is also co-founder of Edit Science as well as its medical Editor-in-Chief.


Miwako Furuta,
Manager of Edit Science, Japan

Miwako Furuta graduated from Kobe Women's College of Pharmacy with a qualification of pharmacist, and worked as a secretary for Prof. Yasutomi Nishizuka (a recipient of the Order of Culture) in the Department of Biochemistry, Kobe University School of Medicine, for 8 years. During that period, she acquired wide experience in Scientific English through her work with medical and scientific researchers, by editing and reviewing papers for publication in journals and for international conferences. After leaving Kobe University School of Medicine, she has been associated with researchers and students at universities and with medical doctors at hospitals as a scientific editor and translator. Miwako worked with Dr. Worman at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) from 1998 to 2001, and has been the coordinator of and a translator for Edit Science, Inc. since 1999, and currently is the manager of Edit Science, Inc., Japan. She is interested in classical music, Japanese paintings, and calligraphy as well as languages, and also enjoys playing piano and reading detective stories. 



John Mackin,
Executive Advisor to Edit Science

John was born February 2, 1942 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He graduated com laude in 1966 from St. Louis University with 5 majors, English, Philosophy, Latin, Communication, and Education. He graduated in 1967 with an M.A. magna cum laude from the same university with a Major in Modern American Literature and a minor in Philosophy. He worked for Fujitsu Limited in Japan for 30 years, heading their English Technical Documentation department and setting the standards for the whole translation industry in Japan. He became an expert in SGML and XML in order to facilitate exchanges of documents (at first) between corporate customers and then for exchanges of technical information. He has taught technical English writing at a major Japanese university and has written several books. He often gives lectures on writing technical English throughout Japan and frequently consults with Japanese companies on XML, technical translation, and technical writing. He has been a regent for the Japan Society of Technical Communication for 20 years and is currently an executive advisor to Edit Science and edits and translates for them occasionally.  He loves Jazz and has a very big collection of Jazz CDs from its beginnings until now, as well as an equally large collection of classical CDs. And he loves to find good restaurants that serve great food inexpensively along with good, but inexpensive wines.



Joshua Hale, translator and editor 

Joshua was born in Lancaster, England. He graduated from Pembroke College, Oxford with a BA Hons (1st Class) in Computation. He was awarded the C.A.R. Hoare prize for Computation, and subsequently awarded an additional MA. He obtained an MSc in Computer Science from Edinburgh University, and a PhD combining Psychology, Robotics and Computer Graphics from Glasgow University. He was employed as a full-time Researcher at ATR International in Kyoto from 2004 until 2008, as a Researcher at Tsukuba University during 2009, and is currently employed as a Senior Researcher. His primary research interests are associated with robotics, computer science, engineering and mathematics. He has translated around a hundred scientific publications from Japanese into English including conference and journal proceedings, books, and presentation material. He has also edited and proofread numerous scientific publications. In his spare time, he enjoys Thai boxing, yoga, and has recently begun to nurture a crude tenor voice by joining two choirs.



Calum Riach, translator and editor 

Calum Riach graduated in 2000 from Glasgow University in the United Kingdom, with a BSc in genetics. After researching circadian rhythms in the fruit fly at Glasgow University, he relocated to Japan and obtained the highest level of Japanese language certification. Since then, he has been principal translator and editor for the largest NGO in Japan, covering fields from disability and disease to agriculture and maritime safety. Calum also works as a freelance translator and editor for Edit Science, in areas including biology, economics and linguistics, and his translated articles and papers have appeared in numerous top journals. Major publications include a book on the neuroscience of language. When not hard at work, Calum enjoys playing classical piano, cycling the streets of Tokyo, and reading a healthy balance of novels and non-fiction.



Lena Kilkuchi, editor

Lena was born in Vancouver, Canada. She graduated from the University of Toronto, Canada, with a Bachelor of Applied Science from the Faculty of Engineering Science with a specialty in Biomedical Engineering. She also obtained a MASc in Biomedical and Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto, Canada. She conducted research at Harvard University from 2003 until 2005, then worked at a small biotech startup as a Researcher from 2005-2008. Since 2008, Lena has been employed as a Scientist at Novartis Pharmaceuticals. Lena has edited and proofread numerous scientific publications. In her spare time, she enjoys karate, riding, starting new businesses and is planning on taking up her violin again in the near future.


Keiko Schlabach, translator

Keiko was born and grew up in Saitama, Japan. She graduated from International Christian University in 2006 with a B.A. in Communications. She moved to the U.S. and earned an M.A. in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from San Francisco State University in 2008. She taught ESL classes to international students at San Francisco State University and Northeastern University, and worked as the Academic Coordinator at Education First in Boston. Her love of languages and life-long fascination with translation urged her to transition into her career as a translator. Keiko joined Edit Science at the beginning of 2012. She also enjoys playing the violin, practicing Spanish, and searching for the best chocolate in the city.

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