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Edit Science is pleased to offer several payment options for our clients.

After your document has been edited and sent back to you and you are completely satisfied with the results, payment is expected within one week from the date you receive your document. Of course, if rechecks and revisions are necessary, payment is not expected until your document is completed to your full satisfaction.

Edit Science uses credit card payment through Paypal (see below). Payment may also be made through (International) Money Order, Electronic Bank Transfer (Furikomi), or Check. All transfer information is included in the invoice we send you.

Special arrangements can be made for businesses or institutes that require a long time period before a payment can be made. Also, long-term repeat clients may establish an account with Edit Science and pay semi-annually, or according to a pre-arranged payment scheme.

Edit Science is registered with the major research and learning institutes in Japan; therefore, payment generally requires less paperwork when using Edit Science than it does with other editing companies.

Remember: students receive substantial discounts.

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Confidentiality of all documents sent to Edit Science is unconditionally guaranteed. No part or part(s) of your document (s) will be released to anyone other than the editors who are working on your document and the Editor-in-Chief.
For this reason, we do not ask you to fill out a submission or information form online.

Special arrangements (e.g., encrypted submission and delivery of your document) are available to give you maximum security for your sensitive documents.

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