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  • Banyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
    with Tsukuba Research Institute
    Biochemical Pharmacology
    (Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology)

  • Hannan University, Korea
    Department of Management Information
    Annals of Software Engineering
    (Software Engineering)

  • Harvard University, USA
    W.E.B Du Bois Institute
    ACAL35 Harvard University

  • School of Public Health
    Health Policy and Planning,
    Oxford Journals

    (Publication Pending)

  • Japan Racing Association
    Equine Research Institute
    Journal of Heredity
    (Heredity and Genetics)

  • Laboratory of Racing Chemistry,
    Department of Molecular Genetics,
    and the Max-Planck Institute

    Journal of Heredity

  • Kansai University  RISS, RCSS
    The Review of Socionetwork Strategies

  • Kinki University
    Technical College

    Journal of Computer Information Systems
    (Computer Science)

  • Kobe University
    Biosignal Research Center
    Methods in Molecular Biology
    (Molecular Biology)

  • Kyoto University
    (Biomedical Engineering)
    Laboratory of Human Motor Control

  • JRSJ
    Neural Networks 15

  • Kyushu University
    Department of Chemo-Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Journal of Organic Chemistry
    (Organic Chemistry,
    Pharmaceutical Sciences)

  • Nara Institute of Science and Technology
    Graduate School of Information Science
    IEEE Transactions on Robotics

  • Elsevier Science
    (Computer Engineering)

  • IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems
    (Computer Science)

  • Elsevier : Computers and Security
    (Computer Science)

  • RO-MAN2004

  • International Symposium
    of Empirical Software Engineering

    (Software Engineering)

  • Graduate School of Materials Science
    The American Physical Society

    with Kyoto University and
    Siemens-Asahi Medical Technologies Ltd.

    (Biomedical Engineering)

  • with Matsushita Electric Co., Ltd.,
    Panasonic AVC Networks Company
    and the Asahi Broadcasting Company

  • ECECE 2005 / EuroMedia 2005
    (Communication Technology)

  • Graduate School of Information Science
    with Kyushu University and
    the Japan Science and Technology Agency

  • 3rd CREST/ISWC Workshop on
    Advanced Computing and
    Communicating Techniques
    for Wearable Information Playing
    (Computer Science)

  • NAIST Robotics Laboratory
    with Honda Motor Company

    IEEE-RAS/RSJ International Conference
    on Humanoid Robots


  • Graduate School of Information Science
    with Nihon-UNiSYS, Ltd., and Sharp Corporation

    International Forum on
    Semiconductor Technology


  • with the Japan Science and Technology Agency,
    PRESTO, and Osaka Seiki University

  • International Symposium
    of Empirical Software Engineering

    (Software Engineering)

    with the National Institute for Environmental Studies,

    the University of Tsukuba,
    and Yamaguchi University

  • Journal of Neurochemistry

  • National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
    with Ritsumeiken University
    and Yamaguchi University

  • International Conference on
    Robotics and Automation

    (Mechanical Engineering)

  • Osaka University
    Graduate School of
    Information Science and Technology

  • Workshop on Information
    Security Applications (WISA)


  • Software Quality Journal
    (Software Engineering)

  • ACM Journal

  • Graduate School of Engineering Science

  • Elsevier Science

  • ICSE 2005
    (Software Engineering)
    IEEE Transactions of Software Engineering
    (Computer Science)

  • Division of Community Dentistry
    and Informatics

    80th General Session

    (Morphological Linguistics)

  • School of Dentistry
    Journal of the Acoustical Society
    of America


  • Department of Informatics
    and Mathematical Science

  • Fundamenta Informaticae
    (DNA Computing)

  • Department of Information Systems Engineering,
    the Graduate School of Medicine,
    and the Graduate School of Engineering

  • 2nd IEEE/ACM International Symposium
    on Cluster Computing
    and the Grid (CCGRID'02)

    (Computer Science and Telemedicine)

  • Shizuoka Prefectural University

  • Environmental Information Science
    Journal of Water and Environmental Issues
    (Environmental Science)

  • Showa University
    School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Journal of Heredity
    (Heredity and Genetics)

  • The Catholic University of Korea
    Department of Internal Medicine
    British Journal of Surgery

  • University of Electro-Communications
    with Harvard Medical School,
    Tohoku University and
    Tohoku Graduate School of Medicine

  • Twelfth International Congress
    on Sound and Vibration

    (Mechanical Engineering)

  • International Journal of Audiology

  • University of Tokyo
    with Kitami Institute of Technology

  • 21st Meeting between Astrophysicists and Nuclear Physicists

  • and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Russia
    American Physical Society

  • Other Clients Include:

  • Ajinomoto

  • Kyushu University

  • Hokkaido University

  • Hokkaido University Hospital,

  • Orthopedic Surgery

  • Hyogo Prefectural University

  • KAIST, Korea

  • K-JIST, Korea

  • Meiji Dairies Company

  • Riken University

  • Osaka Art College

  • Rikkyo University

  • Seoul National University, Korea

  • Sokendai University


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